Durex Embrace Bottle Durex Embrace Bottle

Two sensual pleasure gels.
One amazing reaction.

The secret is out.

Scroll down to discover the secret to great sex...

Breathtaking for me

Hot. Steamy. Intense – generate some real heat in the bedroom with the pink bottle. Use with the purple bottle to experience an amazing reaction with your partner.

Electrifying for you

Stimulating. Exciting. Unforgettable – the purple bottle is full of magical sensations. Use with the pink bottle to experience an amazing reaction with your partner.

One amazing reaction

Durex Embrace Bottles

One amazing reaction

Durex Embrace brings a new dimension to sex for both you and your partner. A duo of sensual pleasure gels – one to turn up the heat, one to excite the senses – Embrace has been subtly crafted with couples in mind.

But it’s what these gels do when they come together that really sets them apart. Prepare for a reaction like no other. Prepare to be amazed. Prepare to embrace it.

More about Durex Embrace

Watch it

The reaction caused by Durex Embrace can have quite an effect on any couple. See what we mean in our new TV ad.

Believe It

We gave Durex Embrace to lots of lucky couples to see what they thought. Their reactions were just as good as we expected …

  • “If you want to spice things up then this is definitely for you!”

    Yasmine, Devon
  • “They're mind-blowing!”

    Shanice, Manchester
  • “We're VERY pleased with the results.”

    Sonia, Somerset
  • “They're fantastic. 10/10.”

    Natalie, Hull
  • “We are definitely going to try it again and again and again.”

    Leanne, Huddersfield
  • "A must have in the bedroom.”

    Rhys, Portsmouth
  • "O.M.G!!!!! Totally Mind-Blowing."

    Daniel, Gloucestershire
  • "An overwhelming experience."

    Matt, Aberdeen
  • "Extremely exciting!"

    Jamie, Surrey
Embrace it

Embrace it

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